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If you want Peace, seek Justice for all

Walk in Righteousness, depending on the Love and Spirit of Christ, as His servant forever”

He died for all, so that those who live might live no longer for themselves,

but for him who died and was raised for them. 2 Cor. 5:15

Holy Week March 28, 2013

Dear Friends in Christ,

What reason do you have to worship and serve God? What is sufficient cause? I have known people who are angry at God because He has not done what they wanted. If he won’t do what I want I won’t do what He wants. That sounds fair, to them. Except God is God the creator and Judge of all and they are His creatures. They need a reality adjustment, an attitude adjustment. Or they will be given one forever.

The Jews celebrate Passover, that was transformed into Jesus’ Last Supper. They sing a song that could have been sung in Jesus’ day, In Hebrew “Dayenu”. In English “It would have been sufficient”. Why do we worship God, it would have been sufficient

Had he given Sabbath to us -This day's for rest, not for commerce

But not brought us to Mount Sinai, Dayenu

Had he brought us to Mount Sinai Through the desert, it was so dry

And not given us the Torah, Dayenu

Had he given us the Torah Where we sang and danced the Hora

And not led us into Israel, Dayenu

Had he led us into Israel (So far this is quite a long tale)

And not built for us the Temple, Dayenu

Had he built for us the Temple So to pray we do assemble

But had not made Manischewitz, Dayenu People add verses as they want. This last line is a joke.

There is nothing about salvation or eternal life. Nothing about any personal “blessings”. They are all extras. It is sufficient to worship God that He is God and we are His people. God is good all the time. I will worship Him no matter what comes, even cross and death. I know, believe, have faith, He will take care of me for the best forever. I will never stop worshipping Him, forever. It will be good!

It is enough.

In the name of one called by God to proclaim His Love for all.

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