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      There are a few of handouts that address some of their religious questions. There are some letters I send to men inside as Concord Ministry, to encourage them in their struggle. 

          I found the average inmate is a normal man, more foolish than evil. While our crime rate is comparable to other nations, we incarcerate about 8 times as many people per capita. In other nations there should be a much higher percentage incarcerated who are criminal.

          Nearly 25% of our inmates are mentally ill. The result of the "do gooder" and "don't waste tax money" forces that put 500,000 Mental Hospital patients on the street years ago. Mental treatment is legal in prison, if it is for the good of the institution.

          There are few work, training, educational opportunities for inmates. Spend as little as possible on inmates is the mantra. The only thing many are good for when they get out is crime. But then almost no one is willing to give them a chance to earn a living. 

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